1.  Marketing Mentor Programme

2.  Specific Marketing Projects

3.  Marketing Review

4.  Marketing Support

Marketing Mentor Programme

This is our core service.

We work with companies to get marketing performing as well as it possibly can and have a long term influence on the growth of the business.

Getting to that stage involves looking at each part of your company and we have specifically identified 6 areas that appear time and time again in our Clients’ businesses.

These 6 areas form the basis of our mentoring programme, and, depending on the time needed for each part, we work with you for between 12 to 18 months to complete it. Sometimes we only need to focus on particular sections and this can reduce the process.

The shermanwalker Marketing Mentor programme covers:

  • Business Plan
  • Brand
  • Clients
  • Infrastructure
  • Service & Delivery
  • Investment

It has been designed to ensure that marketing is embedded throughout your businesses, to increase sales and help you meet your growth targets in a planned way that can be repeated year on year.

Specific Marketing Projects

We also work with Clients to focus on one specific marketing issue.

Whether that is branding, marketing strategy, service development – and a whole raft of areas besides – at shermanwalker we enjoy tackling a particular business challenge.

Our Clients are all at different stages, in different industries or markets and their needs all differ. Having a solution to one issue makes a big difference to the whole business – and it is very rewarding to be a part of that.

Marketing Review

Our Marketing Mentor programme begins with a full review, but this is also something that we provide to Clients separately.

A review with shermanwalker does not just cover the marketing but looks in detail at all areas of the business.

We believe that marketing should be in every part of any company, and taking this premise we look at how effective your current marketing is – from the first point of contact with a prospective Client through to the delivery, service and after sales communication.

Looking closely at your branding, collateral and all of the elements that make up the marketing function also form a large part of the review.

Following our intensive review we provide a full report with recommendations and an implementation plan.


Marketing Support

One of our key services is marketing support. Completing the review, a specific project or the mentoring programme is not the end of our involvement.

Many of our Clients work with us on an ongoing basis to provide advice and input for a number of days each month, and in some cases we become involved permanently.

We firmly believe that marketing is vital to the continued successful growth of your business.