Touch and grow

Have you ever looked at all of the touch points you have with a client from the first contact when they were a prospect to the after-sales service? It is a very interesting and worthwhile activity to carry out – or to bring a specialist from outside the business to work out for you. What […]

Work in progress

What do you need to deliver an outstanding service to your customers? A plan is a good place to start, but it is surprising how many businesses go by ‘gut feel’ rather than forming a plan with milestones and timescales attached. We all know that projects can move by a few days – or even […]

Service, waiter!

In the early days we put most of our time and effort into acquiring new clients. When you only have a few customers this feels like the single most important thing to focus on! But what do you do when you have them – does your interest and level of attention remain the same as […]