Test and measure

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with marketing is failing to test and measure. You have a great idea, create and produce it, send it out to the world . . . .and then nothing happens. No orders, no enquiries, no interest. Just because we think we have had the best business idea […]

Check it out

Actively marketing your business to potential customers requires investment. How often do you get carried away by an offer or a deal that seems to be exactly targeting your perfect customers – but is not in your marketing plan or budget? We all do it sometimes – but what we should be doing is stopping […]

Business shopping

Being sensible can be soooo boring. We have our eyes on a great CRM system – we’ve been looking and researching in our ‘spare time’ for weeks now!! Narrowed them down, compared them, and now we want one! But is it the right thing to be investing in for us right now? Actually when we […]