Data, data everywhere…

In the old days there were list providers – companies who would sell businesses lists of names, addresses and telephone numbers so that you could contact them and try to sell your wares. For smaller businesses this was an expensive approach to take as you generally had to purchase them by the thousand, or in […]

On your best behaviour

Keeping your business growing is often a balancing act between serving your existing clients and gaining new ones. Only by truly understanding the ‘need’ that your clients have – the pain that you can ease for them through the products and services that you offer – can you successfully grow and increase revenue. Take some […]

What does your ideal Client look like?

Our ideal Client is 35-55 years old, a CEO or Business Owner in a company turning over anything from £2 to £20 million pounds. They like long haul holidays and short city breaks. They fly business class and read the Times or the Telegraph. They own a Macbook and iPad, their children go to private […]