Don’t lock your ideas in a cupboard

Last year one of our Clients had the perfect business idea. This was the one that would take their company’s growth through the roof. They kept this idea, started to grow it and shared it with – nobody. The idea was not in the marketplace yet. They had spotted a gap and were going to […]

A tricky business

People are tricky aren’t they? At what point do you hire another person and what kind of role should you fill next? There are plenty of excellent models showing the optimum ratio of admin to sales and management, but even experienced business owners don’t get it right every time! Remember too that there will be […]

Compare apples and pears

Having a marketing budget in place is important. It stops you from spending too much and makes sure that you have an allocated amount in place that you can then measure results by. Not all marketing activities can be easily measured, but most can – and should be. What should you spend your budget on […]

Stay ahead of the game

Keeping your business plan up to date and reviewing it regularly is really important. Regular reviews tell you what is working, what is not working and will also highlight areas of activity that may need to be changed. It needs to be treated with importance – why have a plan if it is seldom referred […]

The juggler approach

We have a Client who constantly comes up with new money making ideas for their business. A lot of them are very good ideas, which, with some work would really make good additional revenue streams. The problem is that there are too many ideas and so the business owner never manages to focus on one […]