A good letter

The days of posting direct mail letters are over aren’t they? Do companies still really use this marketing tool or have they moved on to all things digital? We think there is a strong case for direct mail still being a primary tool in the marketing kit bag. There is less physical post these days […]

Enforce the rules

Your logo and images will undoubtedly be given to suppliers to use in the creation of marketing materials, websites, adverts and so on. When you commission an external supplier, how do you make sure that they are using your branding in the way that you want them to? Does your logo ever appear stretched on […]

It’s all about the brand . . .

Branding and logos often get confused – for us, a company has a logo – a badge or signal to its customer base that is the face of the business, used to make it identifiable and recognised. The brand however goes right to the heart of the business – values, mission statement, business plan, customer […]